Going Old School

What an exciting time it is at VCC!  We have recently purchased 4 acres of land in a growing area of town!  We look forward to meeting there at some point in our future.  God is doing great things in this season of our church life!!

Our church began 13 years ago with 10 people in my house.  We have been working faithfully over the years, making many disciples, leading many to Christ and baptizing many, sending out one church plant and working on a second, ministering to the poor and homeless, and the like.  I’ve also been learning Russian and have traveled multiple times to Ukraine where we are supporting a number of Vineyard churches there.  And, we have released 5 albums of original music, publishing a few of our songs on a national level to be used by churches everywhere.  So we have been busy and fruitful!

Our vision continues….the next step will help establish us as a church of the city who will be here for generations to come, doing good and blessing many with the good news of our Lord Jesus.  I would like to be a church that can host conferences and use our facility for more wide-reaching things.  I’d like space for a food pantry and a kitchen and picnics on a grassy knoll and lightsaber duels and and and….

For years we have been looking at a 4-acre spot/8,700 s.f. facility here in town, and now we can call it ours.  It is an old unused school in an older but great area that is being improved into a 4-lane.  If you google map Augusta and can only see 4 roads, this is one of those roads.  It’s in a spot where we will still be accessible from the entire city, which is very important to me.  Real estate prices on this road are rising and we, along with the counsel of bankers and real estate folks I have talked with, feel that it is a very strategic location and opportunity.

The building is 80 years old, abandoned, a beautiful mess, has tons of potential if tons of work is put into it.  It’s pretty awesome – looks like an old castle.  Right up my alley, sort of ancient-future.  High ceilings, maple floors, it even has catacombs underneath (really, I am serious!)  The last few months of my life have been busy meeting with subcontractors, architects, and engineers as we work out cost, zoning and safety issues.  Almost everyone involved is very positive about the potential and savings of this type of project.

As the summer moves into fall, we will be raising money to help us accomplish this goal.  Whether it takes 6 months or 10 years, we are excited about moving into a new season of ministry that allows us to reach more people.  Stay tuned for more info!  In the meanwhile, enjoy some pictures!